What do you see when you wake up early, get on the roof and let the sky swallow you?

Thursday, November 24, 2005


(Belated) Happy birthday Gela! Stay sexy. :D

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Penne with Chicken

I used to think Korean "chicks" couldn't make it to the ranks of the hottest.

Today, I was proven WRONG.


But kuwento first. Saturday...bummed around for the whole day. It's called bumming when the trigonometrical identities become easy as shit and the physics formulas suddenly can fit into a single 4x6" index card. Dad came with the sneak preview of HP4. I don't like it. It looked like a Barron's Book Video Notes for Harry Potter IV. Who the hell'd be able to catch up with that kind of plot arrangement, non-readers in mind? But the action had impressive orchestration. Kudos to the writers - your testosterone levels have finally paid off, and made Fleur to boot! Fleur wasn't the whining pussy I expected...she looked tougher than that, which was okay. Yeah the swimsuit, scrap Krum's lower body build, scrap the Parvati twins (should've made them prettier, that's implied racism, boys), scrap the Myrtle personality (wth?!), scrap Cho (chink lovers looked for something else! But Katie Leung per se is kewl.) And scrap Cedric. What about Harry, Fred and George? Ron is on his way to pretty-boyness too. Hm. Or gayness.

Dami hot people in the non-Starbucks coffeeshop. Rawr.

Mom & Dad = Gods of Scrabble. Yea. Worship.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Music project ni Cai: 98.
Music project ni Ayon: 98.
Music project ko: 98.


Dapat 100.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Automaton

Kailangan ko ng kausap. Fast.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Surviving the Brink of the Vegetable Syndrome

The past post was made up solely of to-do items...but today seems like the back-on-track shindig. I like it LOL

  • Perfect sa Math secondary trig identities! Yes! LOL
  • 28/30 sa POW! Let's go Convo! LOL *Alien Ant Farm music WEH LOL*
  • Freedom. Still hurts a bit...but I'm mobile! Oyeah!
  • Sembreak: DotA WEEK LOL! Four straight days...the first with Congx, Enzo, Zai and Babs after the half-sabog shooting day, the rest with Zai. Galing mag-DotA ni Zai LOLOLOL! Necrolyte is the shit. Pati si Lina...I mean yung Lina namin ni Enzo LOL
  • T3h g4b pr0j3c75 r0xx0r5!Yung Music project...malamang LOL! Yung Filipino dokyu talaga yung unexpected success...Andaming positive feedback! Kahit hindi ako nakakita kahit katiting nung film LOLOLOL thanks guys! Nikko, j00 15 t3h g0dz0r5. Promise. Galing mo dude. Pero yung kay Ayon yung napili eh. No surprise there...I have faith in Ayon! Yeah lol (Sa mga wiseass diyan...Si Ayon Sanchez yung tinutukoy ko ah? Wag na kayong mag-isip ng kung sinong mokong diyan. Walang tatalo sa orig LOL)
  • Walang kupas talaga ang Explosions in the Sky. Hayup...
  • November na. Sayghe...

Friday, November 04, 2005

To live takes more courage than to die.


  • Mom's birthday tomorrow. Flowers, check. Cake, tomorrow. Cake money, check. Gift, check. Wrapper...later.

  • Wedding at Batangas. Bukas din. Clothes, check. Bowtie, check. LOL

  • Music project vocals. Fuck this PC mike, it's so not professional.

  • PALIG entry. If I didn't have this (#$&*^!$ fever, I'd have gone to Nikko A.'s and pwned it. As such...it's online 24/7 time. Fak.

  • Team head stuff for YFC eco-camp. I'm actually a head honcho. Oh, God. a2k6 cramming powers, I invoke you! Wex quas exort...weh LOL

  • Songs for teh above/teh MC webdev interaction.Berbi, whopping mp3 d/l coming your way...:o

  • IP.When is it due?!?!?!!!

  • Get well. Had trouble breathing the other day. Fucknuts.


And you call this a sembreak?

Welcome back Kimbo and Berbi...and Nikko A...and Enzo...and Convi...lucky guys. LOL

Monday, October 31, 2005

Starting Sembreak Sick

Why is it that I reach the peak of my health at the most ungodly cramming situations, yet I start getting sick only at the start of critical periods, like exam weeks and semestral breaks? I'm not complaining too much, though. I only have a horrible cold this time.

Keeper of the Light is fine.
Haven't tried Razor for so long.
Zeus rocks. Absolutely.
Lich is love. Absolutely.
Prophet...well, Enzo has first rights; how can I enjoy using Furion now? Hahaha
Gondar...I don't know. Too gay, I guess?
Still to try Balanar, Bradwarden, Stygwyr, Necrolyte, Squee & Spleen, and Tiny.
And revisit the benta people, like Pugna, Sven, Lion and the rest.
Planning to use Lina and Rylai again.

God, this is so lame.
Even if it's therapeutic for me.

  • Music: Group5, our song is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Classical agony to gloom chillout. Tell me when you're free so we can practice.

  • Filipino: Done shooting. Zye, Nikko, let's schedule the DV-to-hard disk transfer and the editing. That will take 2 days together, and one more day individual. Tell me when you're free. ASAP! Thanks.

    This is fucknuts.